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Does anyone watch this show? I love it, its pretty original and its just a good show to watch. Thoughts?
dexter's laboratory? man dee dee was always foiling his plans. and mandark, that guy sure was evil
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No dude, that is definitely an ugly chick. I'm talking 10 or 11 beers ugly.
oh, well then no...
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No dude, that is definitely an ugly chick. I'm talking 10 or 11 beers ugly.
I do, it's really good. I've missed the last few episodes though
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Dexter's Lab>Murderous freak Dexter

Ohmygod yes
someone please make a dexters lab thread?
dee dee was so annoying
OMG I was just thinking about Dexter on the way home from school, why doesn't he just tell his parents he's a genius and move out?
Well if hes so smart. he should just create some super robot to like. take over the world
and then he could destroy dee dee while he is at it
and his parents.
I do watch it...
Its brilliant!!

Though i've missed the past few episodes.... I need to find some place to catch up on it.
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Whats that??

It's a channel you can order (you can get it with the "movie package"). There's a list of a bunch of movies and HBO series that you can watch whenever you want. Then every tuesday the movies are updated and new ones are added and the oldest ones (say the ones three weeks old or so) get bumped off. They have stuff like Tenacious D and Stranger Than Fiction and such on there right now.
^ Don't think you get that here in Ireland....
Not of my TV provided atleast...

Gotta search for it somewhere on the internet...
well i think it is the greatest show ever
i downloaded the two season 2 episodes that were "leaked" (yeah right showtime)
they were AWESOME
I don't like as i lay dying
"im a serial killer.......Z0MG You don't know how great that feels to say"

or something like that

oh i dont know i just watched the advert

and dexters lab FTW


cow and chicken > dexters lab
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The TV series is based on a series of books, I just finished reading "Dearly Devoted Dexter" which is the second, check them out, they're pretty good.
Funny words.
woa i thoght you ment Dexters that case......killing serial killer<Cartoons
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great show...starts off pretty good but picks up as the season goes on. i would say its the best series since sopranos. lots of curveballs. second season starts september there or be sqaure.
I thought the first season was brilliant. I have no idea how they're gonna top it with the new season.

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It was absolutely brilliant... I saw the brother thing coming though a bit

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If crap came in a package, it would probably be wrapped in this
What?? The season is over??!
I missed like all of the last 5 episodes!!

I need to catch up on that before they start the new season...
Dexter is amazing - missed the last few episodes but it's out on dvd on monday
dexters lab is the shiznit

"omlette du fromage"

epic lulz ensued.
"Like a midget at a urinal, I was going to have to stay on my toes"

"Like a blind man at an orgy, I was going to have to feel my way through"

Dexter is one of my favorite series, i've seen both seasons, although season 2 seems a little lacking and just kinda stupid at times.

I hope season 3 is amazing.
I watched a couple of bits, looks pretty interesting
The second i saw the title i KNEW it would be overrun with Dexter's Lab comments

which by the way was the shiznit >.<
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