ok Im in school and they have blocked ALOT of websites.

thats fine you say, I can just use a proxy.. theres the problem..
they have blocked the proxy sites too, so Im wondering do any of ye have ways to get around it all? (I wanna use bebo so if you could get me a proxy link to that it would be great!

thanks guys!
try typing p r o x y in google, and try all the links, worked for me

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www.k p r o x y.com

EDIT: My bad: http://www.foodstampcollection.com/
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Really, you need to find one that doesn't have the word 'proxy' anywhere on the page, because most filters like that look for keywords, and the repetition of them...no doubt this page will end up being blocked if we keep repeating it
set up your own proxy at home then make an encrypted ssh tunnel to it

that is providing that you can set it up at home
and that you can download an ssh client and change the connection settings in the browser at school

that is if the censorship is done at the schools main router or such. if its at the end machine its probably much more difficult.

(or at least thats what I'm planning on doing to have a somewhat private connection while I'm at school and such in the next year)
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Ok,Download http://.com .It's not virus or spyware,trust me
If you're using IE6 it will automatically chang youre IP and port.If you're using firefox go to tool and chang IP like and chang port to 9666.
Then enjoy and F-uck blockers

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