I play guitar at least an hour or two every day. But when ever I improv or something, I end up just dicking around in the pentatonic scale and not remembering what I play, so it's just annoying wankage. Any tips for becoming better at forming a coherent solo instead of just wanking?
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firstly wear an elastic band on ur wrist everytime u wanna play the pentatonic scale or whatever SNAPE UR WRIST WITH THE BAND
start learning other kinds of scales that are less used, like spanish scale, phrygian scale or harmonic minor. try stuff like going up and down by thirds. mix and match
Learn more scales, and stop listening to so much music with penta-wankage. To write a solo, you really just gotta play for a while, there's no real formula. Just learn a bit of theory, learn a bit of other peoples' stuff, and a bit of instinct about what notes sound good together in your ears.
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Try to create melodies. Soloing just takes practice, and that's all there is too it.
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Seriously, though, learn other types of scales and take notice of how artists use them to create solos. Then, just come up with your own style or something.
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