i've a zoom g2.1u effects pedal and i have just recently bought a new laptop with vista premium on it.

i installed cubase le which i got free with the pedal onto the pc fine. then i plug my pedal in via the usb cable and it doesnt seem to install! i remmeber when i had xp i plugged it in for the first time and it installed in a flash. i looked further into the problem by going into device manager and it just calls my zoom an unknown device.

is there any drivers etc i need especially for vista or is there something else i'm not doing right?

thanks in advance
I have the same problem. Vista has disabled the mixing capabilities so you can't play along with anything. You can only play guitar or play everything else but not together. Thank Microsoft for this wonderful improvement. They deny that they've folded to the recording industry and anyone that believes it is a conspiracy nut, but how can you explain that in XP you just plug in and it works but now on the same computer with the same hardware NOTHING works.

If you look at the recording tab in the volume mixer you can see your guitar is making a sound but there is no way to include it in the mix. You have to select the zoom output device to hear the guitar but you won't hear anything else. This basically defeats the whole purpose the zoom usb function was designed for.

I know of others that upgraded to Windows 7 hoping that would fix the problem but it's exactly the same as Vista. The only way to make it word is to install a dual boot version of XP.

So according to Microsoft it's all just our imagination. I guess if we all just think real hard it will just work like it did in XP.

Zoom has no answers either.