Hello friends !

Do you know, are there any stickers I could buy and stick with the name of the notes on my fingerboard ?

Hmm, I would like to learn the notes, so that I can find it blind after years...
or maybe you know a .jpg image or something like this on the internet, so I can get for sure I pick the right one.....

thx a lot,
after a couple of times playing you know them

it's kinda like math

just keep calculating

and please don't f*ck up your guitar
yeah what he said.
seriously...dont cheat.
not only that but its gonna f uck up your fretboard.
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if you're going to put anything on there, you may want to use the 3M painter's tape, the adhesive is pretty mild and probably least likely to mess up the fretboard.
sweat on 3m tape makes the gleu come of

and gleu is irritating on slippery surfaces almost uncleanable

just study hard, you will notice the difference

if you always cheat with this kind of things you will learn not nearly half as quick as when you don't cheat

please leave your guitar be and learn from books
Must be a bastard retuning the guitar then :P I like to change regularly from drop d, to regular, to half step down on everything, as the mood takes me. If you write the notes on the fretboard you´re pretty much stuck with that tuning :P
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Just print off a fretboard sheet and have it infront of you, there are alot less notes than you think
and you learn them alot quicker than you would think.