hey there!im looking for some groovy(and difficult)songs with great tapping parts in it.could you help me?
Absinthe party at the fly honey warehouse by Minus The Bear.. Not sure if it's "groovy".. And it isn't that hard.. but it sounds awesome imo..
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Genesis - Dancing with the moonlit knight
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steve vai - building the church
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ok,they dont have tobe groovy and i dont know what is the definition of it,but give me more cool songs!!!!!!
the tapping in spanish fly, the tapping in eruption, the intro in hot for teacher(all 3 by king of tapping van halen) some nice tapping also in Flying High Again solo by ozzy
if thats not enough for you, look for "316 live" tab here on UG, there are plenty of tapping licks van halen did on a live show
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i cannot get enough. give memore and more and more!!!!!(please)

heh im a tapping addict aswell, you can also make some yourself
Atreyu - Lip Gloss and Black

Super easy and fun-to-play intro, but the rest of the song isn't my favorite. The tapping in the beginning is very easy and sounds pretty good so you'll have fun eith that one.
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i can do something myself but that cant be as good as steve vai or something.
if you think im just to lazy,you arent right too,i just think if someone knows the things i want to know i dont have to work them out.
The tapping in "Little Savage" can be sick.

Necrophagist solos are almost all tapped at times.

The easiest tapping that sounds the best is in "Always with Me, Always with You".
+1 for Green Tinted Sixties Mind and Building the Church
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is 6-finger-tapping posible,o does somebody know songs with 5-finger-tapping in it?

as mentioned Building the church by steve vai. Im sure its 6 finger - maybe 5, cant remember..............either way its cool as f uck!
"Sugar Coated Sour" by the Dillinger Escape Plane the intro is tapped and pretty hard.
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is there a song with full-chord tapping in?for example when you tune open e?

Look up Justin king, Stanley Jordan, Michael Romeo, Chris Broderick, Mattias Eklundh (especially his song "samba") and Buckethead. That should keep you tapping for a while.
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Day at the Beach and Midnight by Satriani are all tapping songs
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The introsolo to Suicidal Tendencies song "You Can't Bring Me Down" has 8-finger tapping I think.
theres tapping in the solo to Her voice resides by Bullet For My Valentine