i made a tab posted it but it never showed up and it says i have 0 contributions but yet it still shows the tab i posted on my profile? i dont get it? oh and when the chord are two strings that are apart from eachother like on stairway to heaven am i supposed to use 2 fingers rather than a pic? plz reply
your tab was rejected
use your two fingers instead of a pic..
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Your profile will probably get updated with the tab later unless there's a [D] next to it.

As for Stairway, it's played using a plectrum and your fingers - hybrid picking. Takes a little while to get used to, but you don't want to strum through the notes you want to pick them separately, like you're finger picking, but also keeping hold of the plectrum. So you'd play the bass note with the pick and the high notes with your middle finger or whatever's most comfortable.
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