Hey...i've been jumping through the different threads on the ESP Ltd KH-202 and in a few of your replies you have said something along the lines of 'for the money you could get a much much better guitar'

My question is...such as? What guitar is better than the KH-202 for £419?
After all i AM the type of guitarist who goes purely for playability...with a hint of attractiveness lol...otherwise i would have bought the Jackson King V that i had tested in one of my local guitar stores...it was horrible, the action that is, the strings were 400 ft above the fretboard man it sucked...but ive heard that must of been a one of...ANYWAY...

The thing is i am a HUGE fan of this guitar...one thing i have heard is that for the same price i can get the 502...which i like more because of the SetThru black neck that it has...so if you have a site that sells this model...but that ships to the UK...it would be great if you could show me...ta muchly!

cya! ta 4 readin'!
almost anything is more than likely better. you can get a pro-quality guitar for £420, or you can get a starter guitar with kirk hammett's signature.

Ibanez rg1570- it's £440 or so. better trem. Better workmanship (japanese). Comes with a hard case. Win-win. Pickups could do with an upgrade, but other than that, you're set.

Washburn x40 pro. better trem (i prefer the ibanez's trem though, but that's preference), better pickups (real duncans).

Jackson pro series (various models). Just make sure it's a 2006 or later model, as they come with real duncans and a slightly upgraded trem (not as nice as the ibanez's trem, again IMO, but i hear it's a straight swap with an OFR).

502? what's that, a japanese-only model?

What's your amp, by the way, and your current guitar?
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