I've had a Yamaha Magicstomp (it's a black one- not sure if its a MkI or MkII) for about 6 months now. It's a pretty cool pedal, plenty of effects, plus room for another 99 user tones.
I'm into mainly rock music ie Foofighters, Biffy Clyro, but also play Greenday, Blink 182, 30 seconds to Mars etc.
My problem is I cant find any sites where you can download new patches for it! There's the Magicstomp website, but that hasnt been updates for YEARS and has a very limited artist library (besides, I've only heard of two of the artists).
It comes with patch editor software, but I've no idea how to use it.
Could anyone tell me where I could get some new patches for it? Or could anyone tell me how to edit my own patches?
Cheers people,
Two? nice!
What other pedals you runnin with them? And what do you use them for? reverb, distortion?
I have the following...

Ernie Ball Volume
Russian Big Muff
Nady TD-1 Tube Distortion
Bad Monkey
DOD FX-65 Chorus
Morley Wah
Digitech Digidelay
Dano Fish & Chips

All into a stock Epi Valve Jr with 1x12 cab
Ultra-G DI box fro recording

I use the MS for reverb, tremolo, and EQ. I'd use it for more but I'm having trouble getting sounds that I want. I'm going to sell one and keep the other. Neither the delay nor the chorus I get out of it is to my liking. The parameters are complicated and twiddling with a lot of them don't seem to do much. I'm sure I haven't come close to tapping the sounds you can get.
I know how you feel. The MS has so much potential, but it's guna take me forever to eventually get it to do what I want.
I'm really just starting to build my pedal collection.
Ive got

Digitech Screamin' Blues overdrive/distortion
Cry Baby Wah
Digitech EX-7 Expression factory (getting delivered next week)
Really need a chorus and flange. Are those Dano's any good? I've noticed they're really cheap on Ebay, but are they value for money?
Get a DOD FX-65 off eBay. There are a couple of other models with close model numbers that may be just as good. I've tried getting a chorus sound out of both the MS and a Korg AX1500G and couldn't come close to the FX-65. They are cheap too.


I got mine when I bought the Morley and some other pedals as a lot for $60. The DOD FX-65 was the only pedal other than the wah that stayed on my board. It's not going anywhere until I can find something better. When engaged it brightens up the sound and has a pleasing chorus effect. Compared to the chorus in the MS it rules.

BTW I agree with the eBayers description. I hope you like the expression factory. I considered getting one. I recently picked up the Nady TD-1 of craigslist for $60, and I'm finding it to be a pretty versatile distortion pedal. Not even sure if I need the Bad Monkey that much anymore.
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I've had a look at the fx-65, and it seems good pedal. Ive decided to go for a danelectro FAB Chorus, FAB Flange and also a Dano Wasabi Distortion. Coming sometime this/next week hopefully!
I know roughly what sound I'm aiming for, but i've decided to get the cheaper pedals to test it out. If they arent to my liking, I can alway put them back on ebay and upgrade to a better padal.
My digi Expression Factory came this morning. Havent put it in my setup yet, but ive had a go. It sounds awesome- the Whammy effects Only drawback is that the footswitch doesnt come with it. It would be a perfect pedal with the footswitch to make it handsfree!