I got a fairly good deal on a Marshall JCM 900 4500 Dual reverb
550$ but i´havent bought it yet.
i live in sweden so i think its a pretty good deal.
now i have a MG100HDFX half stack so im planing to sell
my mg head and buy the the 900.
is the mg cab worth saving or should i sell it o and buy maybe a framus 212 w/ vintage 30s ?

i´ve read many reviews on the jcm900 and it seems pretty cool, i play mostly rock.
alot of guns n roses and a little mettalica, so is this the amp for me?
Yep, good amp for what you need, a very good deal too. Er, I would sell the entire MG stack, my own personal opinion is that a good head through a bad cab won't do your head justice. Plus, again, IMO, a 2x12 sounds a little tighter than a 4x12, which can tend to be a little too bassy for my tastes. And add to that they're more 'carryable'.
Yeah I would go for a new cab and sell the MG as a halfstack
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JCM900 4500 head+a 2x12/4x12 with Celestion V30s will sound really killer for what you need.
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yeah, another vote for selling the whole thing. Particle board with cheap speakers won't do the JCM justice.
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