should the left hand fretting thumb always be planted onto the middle of the neck?
I have my thumb behind the neck for big stretches or awkward chords, but the rest of the time I have it wrapped over the top of the neck
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I like to use my fret hand thumb for hitting bass notes on the low e. works out pretty nicely, but it moves around the neck alot, so its pretty loose there. w/e feels comfortable i guess.
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Good question......

I try to keep my thumb on the back of the neck, but I do wrap it over the top and often use it to mute the E or A strings when playing open chords....

I'm not sure if this is a bad habit or not???
i always keep my thumb on the back of the neck, the reason is that i used to have it up near the edge and wasn't really getting very good at guitar, then i simply trained myself into having the thumb at the back of the neck, and the difference it made was amazing.
i use it to mute the E string alot too, dunno if this is a bad habit or not
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