Hey All,
I Have A Boss Gt - 8 and i want to start my own recordings, i have a windows xp pc, and am willing to spend out on a soundcard, most probs a pci port.

There Is 3 options i could take...

1. Digital Out
2. Phones ( Record out - 1/4 Cable )
3. Midi Out

Firstly Which On Is Better, For Sound Wise..

And secondly What sound card or Method of recording should i use, i also have a phones record out on my amp, but im planing to use the gt8 as a effects loop, and record from there.....

thanks for you're time and help.

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Your best sounding option (which albeit will not sound great), is to go Boos GT8 -> effects loop of amp -> record out -> line in on soundcard via a 1/4 to 1/8 adaptor and then record with audacity which you can download for free.
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surely the best would be to get a sound card with S/PDIF input on it and record from the digital out from the GT8 assuming you dont want to run it through your amp aswell?
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