Just give me your opinon, please, and if you must , point out several different guitars, I listen to these bands the most...

Led Zeplin
Gunz N' Roses
Bill Withers
Skid Row

I also listen to alien ant farm, 3 Doors down, Aero Smith, Planet X, Trapt occasionally too.

Sorry for the long list, Theres no way i'm ranking these bands in a top 3 but if I must...

1. Metallica
2. Nirvana
3. Led Zeplin
Gibson Les Paul and SG. Fender Stratocaster. Personal preference is the SG, but to each their own.
your top 3 suggest somethin like a gibson, or epiphone, maybe even a prs, depends on what you like. id go try out whatever, just play every guitar you can find and stick with whichever takes your fancy
telecaser i say
jimmypage did pretty much all his recroding I thru IV on a tele and a 7 watt amp
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