What does everyone think of the new record ('Strangers in our house')?
Got it last week at what ended up a rather ridiculous price and I'm not overly happy with it. It may be the white vinyl (which always seems to be a little crappier sound than plain old black) but everything on the first half of the record just sounds really flat and boring despite there clearly being something decent played.

Think overall I prefer 'I was born at night', but at least they've done better with this album than Minus the Bear did with their most recent, who I think in some ways are quite similar.
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got into these guys from Woods, i guess they have a couple bands going on. have only heard 'strangers in the house.' it took a few listens before i started paying attention, but it's pretty good.
their other band, Shepherds, is kinda hit and miss; bought the 'bush babies' 7" and it just suuucks. but their song David's Vibrations is so good though.