I'm looking for good licks, riffs & solo's you guys know which would be good for me to have under my belt, im an intermediate guitarist. Hardest song I can play is Green Tinted Sixties Minds.

Suggest any style!
the first part of the solo to leper messiah (metallica) would be pretty good to know.
it's kinda fast but very easy to play
mario theme tune...always gets a laugh at guitar shops...

if you're into Mr.Big, then try the intro to 'addicted to that rush', 'little wing' by hendrix, 'beat it solo' by michael jackson, 'spirit of the radio' by rush, 'pride and joy' by stevie ray, 'hot for teacher' by Van Halen...
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maybe plug in baby by Muse, voodoo child and purple haze by hendrix, all good songs to know... and that aerosmith song that i cant think of! AND surfing with the alien joe satriani..

walk this way? or some other aerosmith song?
Iron Man - Black Sabbath
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