damn, that's badass
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Never heard of Seinfeld, what kind of music do they play? Assuming they use Kramers, it must be heavy!



oh wait, sorry, i was watching my feet burn, i set them on fire to distract myself from your twattery.
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Well its not supposed to be that funny.
The title was just to get you clicking it .

Ah well, that explains.
You should've lit it on fire
You...BROKE a SKATEBOARD. This is comedy gold. Well not really. At all.
(i found this on UG which i'm permabanned from i want my account back guys)

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I like playing twister with dead cats and old people
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Ah well, that explains.
You should've lit it on fire

Damnit .

Well i didnt plan on breaking it , i was just skating around and the tail broke off ,
so it was pretty much useless .
If i did plan it i would have definatly burned it .

Nice one. Now you have to buy a new one.

And set fire to it.

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it should be called

'funniest haircut ever'


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Yes, that is really me and my reaction.



Reading these replies is so entertaining.