i dont mean simply playing chord notes. i mean walking with leading notes and chromatics as well. im really into my jazz, and i know what notes are in which chords, and what all the notes are on the fretboard. but i cant do walking basslines, i find it the hardest thing in the world. anyone out there who can, how long did it take you to really get it under your fingers? how did you manage to do it? im going nuts here!

thanks, matt
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^Other than reading through those I would say just practise. Practise writing out lines and then playing them. Get more and more complicated changes, then go back to the simplest changes and slowly try and improvise a line.
Get ahold of a good Real book and grab the chord sheets for the standards you know. If you know your chord structure, its half the battle won. Then, really like Jazz_rock has said, its just practice and working your improv skills.

Its something that comes over time and you need to be comfortable in making mistakes and learning from them. For me it was a long, frustrating road of trial and error, but one day it clicked and while I am nowhere near expert level, its starting to fall together more and be less of a struggle. Good luck and do read through the links Fitz provided, they have quite a bit of info that will prove valuable.