After about 4 months searching music shops, auctions, classifieds and Ebay ive still had no luck finding a Roland AP 7 Jet Phase pedal. So im wondering if there is any pedal which can recreate the sound of this pedal or at least get close to it. Price is not really a problem as long as its not ridiculously high . If any one knows of a pedal which sounds like the Roland please can you reccomend it.
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You can get phaser effects on most multi-fx processers, although they won't be as good as a proper pedal.
I personally don't know how the Roland sounds...but if you have any clue what it sounds like, I'd suggest testing out other ones and judging for yourself.
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The Jet Phase is very unique. You won't find a phase/fuzz sound like it anywhere else, really. We can recommend good phaser and good overdrive/fuzz/distortion, but it won't be like a Jet Phase.
The DigiTech Hyper Phase (and it's flanging fraternal twin, the Turbo Flange) has 3 different phaser voices. Perhaps this pedal is 1 of those 3.
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Mod your bass and go for the real phased sound

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