Hey everyone. I got a like new condition Peavey XXX Super 40 EFX Combo Amp. I got EL34s in it now but I'll include the original 6L6s too. I got the manual and footswitch too. I'm looking to get around $530. Feel free to ask any questions or make offers. Thanks!
I've got this amp and love it. Sounds superb.
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wish i wasnt dead broke id love to take that off your hands

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i wouldnt mind grabbing that...just a bit high for me right now
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I might want this. well, i definitely want this, especially at the price you have it at. I will just have to check my funds and get back to you.
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where about are you? im very very interested but im in Aus and not sure how much shipping will be :S also it would be nice to see some pics if possible
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Whoa! I can buy this right now, and I've been looking for one! If I can see some pictures I can get back to you right away. Thanks