I heard this thing about the song reverie in the ghost reveria album that there is a pregap right before the song, I dont understnad what this means. Can someone explain it to me? (something like there is a negative time display when you play the song)
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Try rewinding it.

I don't have Ghost Reveries but it sounds something like Rammstein's Reise, Reise album. On the American version, there's a flight recorder tape played before the first song, but on the German or International release, the song starts normally and you have to manually rewind to hear the flight recorder. Alternately, Iron Maiden's Live After Death album frequently has Bruce explaining the song or whatever before it starts, so if you listen to it all the way through you get these explanations and the time stays at zero until he's finished, but if you manually skip to the track the song just starts playing. Probably the same concept implemented in a different way.

If your stereo or CD player tends to display "-0:02" and count up until the song begins (in other words, displaying the "pause" between tracks), then there's no reason it shouldn't work, unless I completely missed it.
Yeah, it's basically a little gap of silence between two tracks which you don't hear if you skip straight to the second track or play it on a computer (to my knowledge).
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It's the little instrumental part before Reverie/Harlequin Forest starts. Actually I think that part is the Reverie part mentioned in the title. But, yeah that's the pregap.
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