What is wrong with so many ug members these days? whenever u make a small mistake in a post or a newb puts something in the wrong forum or asks a beginer question people pounce on them like a damn jaguar. i mean what has happened to these people that cause then to be so mean. Personally i think it's ridiculous because it kind of makes sense that a BEGINNER is going to as a BEGINNER question does it not? and making a simple mistake or typo you get like 438097432798 posts about how stupid and dumb you are. i for one think it's ridiculous. seriously what happens to these people makes them so mean?
Don't be so sensitive. Contrary to popular belief, the internet is NOT serious business.

Unless you work for Amazon.com or Ebay. Then I guess it is serious business.
Yeah I know what you mean, can get annoying sometimes, specially if you're the one who mistyped something.
yeah it can get annoying sometimes, but what do you have to say to jerks who type in 1337(leet) ? its soo tempting to bash em
What does this have to do with guitar & bass, seriously, you're a dumb ass.
Anyways, ya it's true those people are idiots
Quote by killbox2490
HOLY S**T! There is a switch hahahahahha. Thanks Red Wing. Now you're probably going to quote me for being so retarded

I have no idea why people act that way...I guess they just want to look like they know it all I guess...Ive been playing guitar/lead guitar religiously for 24 years (im in my mid 30's now) and I always try to help people and never make fun of people when they post even if they cant spell or ask noob type questions...after all thats the whole point of a forum I think...Im not to crazy when people say "do a search" or "google it" when someone asks something...if you cant help then dont post or at least do the search for the person asking the question and find the thread that could help the person asking the question...that would mean to much effort on their part though.
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