I read most of the thread with all the links and stuff and visited probably a dozen or so websites but I'm still left with quite a few questions about making a bass. Sorry if all these questions are answered in the thread, but really.. the thread is pretty long.

Anyway, my buddy has a half-finished BODY of a 6 string bass (atleast I think it's for a 6 string, the bottom of the neck is 3 1/2" and my 6 string I have right now is a bit less than that, maybe 3 1/8") and we're going to finish it up and have some ideas.

The only thing we don't really understand is how we are going to get a neck, we want a fretless and headless in the end, if possible.

Would the best solution be buying one? and where would we find a fretless/headless?

How would you make a neck? And how difficult would it be to make a fretless/headless?

It's a pretty far-out idea for a first attempt at making a guitar but we're pretty psyched to get going on it.

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Did a search for you, couldn't see any. Warmoth have fretless bass necks, maybe you could find out what you'd have to do to modify one to make it headless?

Kinda OT but while I was searching I found this beast:


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