Say i purchase a body and am only installing a single hum

Would i only need a pot for the tone n volume and volume jack

Or is there more in the electronics area

Usually a guitar with one pickup (humbucker or single) has one volume pot. You can wire a single pickup to a vol & tone pot if you want.
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It'd make it as bright as a tone pot set to 11. And you don't need a volume either- it's apparently called a "frenched output jack" when the pickups just go directly to the jack.
so with this set up if i was to say install a kill switch it would just be one wire to swtich one to the jack
For a ghetto job, yeah. But I think the proper way is to send the signal to the ground... Check out the Ultimate Turorials sticky thread. The first tutorial in there is about killswitches.
you'd have to send it to ground, otherwise you'd probably get godawful buzzing under distortion
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