Hi my name is Nick and after 16 trys to get on her I'm on... Ok so I'm taking my freinds crappy acoustic off his hands for free, its horrible, and i thought about making it like the b.c. rich bronze series warlock where it's white and it has the dripping blood(custom made)like the dripping blood effect? and if I want to take off the neck of the guitar for when i paint the body what do I use to put it back together? Thanks

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Hi my name is Nick and after 16 trys to get on her I'm on...

nice dude.

so but seriously im not sure about that kid of guitar, some are bolt on, so maybe use that actually I have no Idea im just replying to point out the hilarious spelling mistake. I was warned for doing that earlier please dont warn me again cuz this one is meant in good humor, and come on, it's funny.
umm you're not going to want to take the neck off of an acoustic...and blood drips on it? why?
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Well #1 I'm not going to report you, truthfuly I can care less. And for the blood q., The guitar is so crappy so I dont care what it looks like . I just want it to look better and have some design. But my uncle called 10 minutes ago and he just let me know that he got a guitar back from his daughters friend and hel give me it.

you won't take the neck off said acoustic. its a set neck
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Yea it would. a set-neck acoustic would have to be masked with newspaper or tape. Most acoustic guitars are stained, so i would do that instead of painting it.
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^^No, not really. Just don't mess with the paint. Not worth the trouble, it's likely to look like rubbish.

tbh, I go with this guy, he knows his stuff
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