So, Halloween is about a month from now, and I'm seeing all of these Halloween stores, ads, and commercials. So, what are you guys being if your going trick-or-treating, going to a party, or just scaring people? I'm going to a party and I'm wearing a huge cow costume. Anyone else?
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I posted this in the last one, but yeah, some old dude in a McDonalds in Alabama called me an aardvark.

It is?! Oh crap i haven't seen anything about it anywhere!

I might actually do something this year though as i live in a small village so its easy.
Poundland has a lot of Halloween stuff. I'll be on UG like every other day.
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I have absolutly no idea what I'm going this year. It saddens. My New Year's Resolutiong was to remember to think of a Halloween costumE. I failed myself.
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I'll probably learn the theme to some horror movie, and play that. I got too old for dressing up. I'm in Europe now and halloween isn't really big here so I hope I can find a party.
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I'm hoping to be Quail Man.

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Well Halloween is my birthday, so probably go to a few parties and enjoy the night.
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I'm Buckethead. I look just like him, except he's a little bit taller than me. But with the mask, wig, bucket, and trashman uniform, it looks sweet.
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dude calebrocker, that first song on your list almost made me cry
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Too early man. I haven't even thought about Halloween yet.
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I'm goin to a few parties. My friends 18th is on a few days before it. It's a fancy dress and I plan on going as a mental patient in a straight jacket.

Doug is awsome, I might steal the Quail man idea if mine doesn't work out... let's hope me and fallenangel aren't gonna be at the same party.
Me and my friend are going as Jay and Silent Bob. I'm Bob
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Alright well it's been a while, and Halloween is in less than 3 weeks, so I thought I would revive the thread. So, what are you guys doing for Halloween?
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I posted this in the last one, but yeah, some old dude in a McDonalds in Alabama called me an aardvark.