Hey guys i might be getting this pedel for gigging and normal playing etc. But is this a good pedal for lower distortion not like gain to 11 metal stuff. I wont use it clean much either. Also what are the controls like.

This will be my first wah pedal (moving up in the guitar world ).
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Nice bum >.> <.<
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dunlop crybaby wah > ibanez wah.

Anyday lol.

Yeh I have looked at the wah thread but I wanted to see what people who own it thought of it.
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Nice bum >.> <.<
it's.. different. you really need to try it. I like it, a lot of people think its very harsh sounding
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dunlop crybaby wah > ibanez wah.

No sir. Way, way back I bought a Crybaby and it was my very first pedal. After the initial excitement I realized that it was an uninspiring piece of junk. I didn’t use it for a few months then finally sold it and decided that I would never bother buying crummy gear again. Best decision I've ever made.

While I'm not a big digital fan, the Weeping Demon isn't a bad wah pedal. The sax player in my band has one and it sits on my board every now and then. I don't use high gain - only cleans and low overdrive.

What I don’t like about this pedal is the on/off switch, but I don't mind the auto on/off function.
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dont get it....thats all im going to say...
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