Ok, this is a new song, cool one as well, ..

check it out and tell me what you think..

(by the way, I rate this song to be one of my worst concidering the other symphonic stuff I've done)
But tell me your thoughts either way

Click on my name and listen to the song, it's called Winter Nights.

And as always I play every instrument in this song.
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As Usual, insanely good, another more guitar based track but your piano skills always come through which is great. I loved the acoustic intro, soo clean and intricate, and the bass doing its stuff behind, then the suspense that bit after builds up is amazing, with each instrument coming in and doing its job, from synth to guitar to piano to double kick. the drumming is tasteful and tight. and the riffs arent overly complex and fit the song perfect.

Nothing i can fault with this again when you putting out an album man, cos you must have some amount of professional sounding tracks stacked up by now lol

good thing youre not in this next metal comp or we may all just give up now

Thank you very much man.. I think I proved I can play guitar in tears of the damned, so that's why I continue to do work that doesn't require much guitar work cause recording guitar is always a pain in the ass, lol...

Thanks !
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.
nice job with the intro guitar riff. at least i think it was guitar... your rythem tone sounds a little too digital for my taste. piano riffs that come in are good, but are a bit loud. i love the acoustic tone. good riffing man. panning was done well in this song. i thought the song was another really good composition. it's a good thing you're not in the metal comp. you'd rape us all again. nice danny carey-ish drums at the end too,

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