Here are some samples of my NEW Smiley Pocket Pod. I really enjoy this tiny piece of equipment. To me it sounds great. I did a test at the music store at the music store and A/B tested this and Pod 2.0. They are the exact same thing. All the effects and everything are the same they even sound the same. The only difference is the Pocket Pod doesn't have as many buttons so it can be smaller. Some of the Sounds on the Pocket Pod were better than the Pod 2.0, but another point I like is that you can edit through the computer and download tones from line 6, But anyways here are some sample recording of what the pocket pod sounds like. This was the Pre-Set for Sweet Child O Mine that came on the Pod (The pod comes pre-loaded with about 50 Classic Rock songs Walk this Way, Black Dog, ect..)
My Equipment used for recording:
Squire Strat>Pocket Pod>1/8 Cable/Line In/Audacity
Please excuse bad playing I am a beginner.
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it just sounds very digital and solid state-like
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The mexican one is made by mexicans in mexico, the american one is made by mexicans in california

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