so i have these chords, dont know what they are, dont know what theyre from, but i like them and i want to know what chords,notes, and scales would sound good with them


any tips?

C , A and G .

There's some scales section here, so just look these up and play with the 5 patterns of the pentatonic (I'm assuming you want pentatonic, since you barely started ?, if not, then major, harmonic [major and minor] would fit )

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Those chords look like Dsus2, Cadd9, and GMAJ6. Depending on where you're resolving, it could be in the key of G major.
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That 2nd chord looks more like an Em7/B to me. G major is the most likely. Though if you were resolving to the Dsus2 it could be the D mixolydian mode of G major.
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^Yeah you're right, I read the second chord wrong.
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