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EHX metal muff
18 90%
Ibanez tubescreamer
1 5%
boss mt-2 metalzone
2 10%
boss ml-2 metalcore
0 0%
Voters: 20.
which is best for me right now i am playing on a cheap solid state amp. i want something that has a good crunch metal sound but is also good for solos
EHX Metal Muff
Marshall Shredmaster
Rocktron Silver Dragon

EDIT: the poll just appeared.....get the Metal Muff
dont you DARE get a BOSS pedal, and the Tube Screamer will only do metal with a tube amp

oh, and the metal muff has a solo boost, so it should suit you perfect
a metal zone is ok for ss but for sick metal get the line 6 uber metal! it has a built in noise gate!
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Youre looking for the metal muff my friend. Its got its on onboard EQ, tthe knobs themselves are touch, and you can get endless tones from it! The bypass is good to use as a footswitch, and the top boost is great for any solo's that need to "cut through"
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