ok heres my chord progression:

Gm, E♭5, B♭, F

they are all barre chords besides the E♭5 obviously
i need a solo to go over it using the G pentatonic scale obviously if u think of somethin just tab it out and post it here. don't worry it's not like i'm usin it to get signed or whatever just for fun. tell me what u come up with!
Curious what the question mark is supposed to signify :O
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thats beat... come up with your own stuff
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so you want people to write your solos for you?
are you kidding me! a guitar solo is a masterpiece you have to do yourself. it's the time when you get to show your personality through your guitar, you have to feel it, obviously.
everything is going to sound like ****e over the B and E in Gm pentatonic anyway. and yeah write your own solos man! this is your song we're talking about here. a solo is where you get to show your unique personality through your playing, so write it yourself.
Quote by devilscruffs14
everything is going to sound like ****e over the B and E in Gm pentatonic anyway.

yeah you know everything for sure do you^^
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