hey all. so... i need a new guitar, and i want a les paul studio but since thats $1200 and i dont want an epiphone, i dont know what i should look at. ive heard schecters are pretty good. as for price range, anything uinder a grand is good, or i might as weel save for a lp. thnx
you can get a used LP studio or classic antique for under a grand. go to used.guitarcenter.com or craigslist.
Yea use LP's go for a very nice price. I got mine 700 off of craigslist.
You may have a 10 x 10 stack of marshalls and i may only have one, but mine goes to 11.... Beat that
Epiphone elitist's are superior to gibson studios by all accounts i've heard, and cheaper

Although the schecter could be a good alternative for you
I just bought a brand new schecter,i used to play studios but i wont ever go back,Schecters are seriously the best.
once i have the money (ie-long time) ill look again but guitar centers used site looks good. i found one already but i doubt it'll be there when i have the money. but yeah. thnx again!