i have been playing guitar for 4 years and have played bass before but i want to get good. i can play riffs like longview by green day so stuff at that level.
I was going to suggest getting a green day book, thats what i did...

If your are into that kind of stuff, Try some of alkaline trio's bass, its not too difficult just takes a bit to learn where all the stops and changes are...

also Possum Kingdom by the toadies, really fun, shouldnt take too long to learn.

also for more ideas, and probably before this gets locked or deleted.. check this thread..

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Nirvana - Breed

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Boris The Spider - The Who

Easy, but fun to play. First song that I played along with the CD to.
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Rage against the machine possibly? They have some good, yet not so difficult basslines.
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Guns of Brixton is awesome as well. Great groove to it.
songs I've learned(or still working on) that have helped me

U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday

Muse - Stockholm Syndrome - I cant play it very fast, only up to 85bpm out of 150 or something its all 16ths(I THINK DONT KILL ME IM A NEWB!) and it helped me get used to the frets, you'll use every one up to the 13th fret

MCR - Ghost of You

Sparta - While Oceana Sleeps -- I think this one is tons of fun to play, i prefer the guitar pro tab

I mostly like the Sparta and Muse ones since they're drop D and I dont have to retune hehe
Reise, Reise by Rammstein, i played that with my 5-string through a talkbox the other day and it sounded great and is incredibly easy. If you want something a little more challenging, look at bon jovi, livin on a prayer is good, so is its my life.
"Make you smile" - +44
"Untitled" - Blink 182
"Dammit" - Blink 182

And once you feel you've mastered those...

"Paper Wings" Rise Against

Paper Wings is a good challenge for a bassist starting out !

Well, good luck with bass!
Roxane-The Police
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U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday

Lol, that was the first song I ever learn't on drum's!

I would go with green day! That's what i did, also Muse! Trust me you'll feel really good when you start playing hysteria, but don't try tht until later

Good luck
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Jaco Pastorius

System of a down songs all good to start with most useone string anyway but thay still sound awsome

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You could start with some of these easy songs while learning a harder song. For instance, I started with something like Dance Dance (shut up, its fun to play...) with Schism. It might not be your learning style though... Give it a shot though.
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There's a great thread out there called 'What bass songs should I learn?' or something like that that has a whole wealth of level defined songs. Should have been sticked by now *cough cough Dan...*
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You should try to learn Force Ten by Rush that was the first song I learned on bass and trust me a begginner bass player playing Rush will impress your friends
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I started with something like Dance Dance (shut up, its fun to play...) .

Animal I Have Become by Three days Grace is a good one. I started with Green Day. Just find a easy song you like and start playing it.
As people have said

Breed - Nirvana
Dammit [Or anything by blink 182]
Animal Ive Become - Three Days Grace

and if you want something a little more challenging:

Journey Far From The East Bay - Rancid

Hysteria - Muse [Easier than it sounds]

Ive been playing Bass for...2 or 3 months now max and i found them all pretty easy tabs to figure out
cant go wrong with Rammstein. providing you know how to get into DropD tuning. they are a good band, i like em. easy and very simple structured songs, but still effective. they are great if your starting out on bass or guitar
Jesu - We All Faulter
Electric Wizard - Return Trip
Electric Wizard - Funeralopolis

im not sure if theres tabs but theyre all very easy to learn by ear. i just started playing last week and thats basically all ive played so far.
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