I was wondering if there was a program that you could plug sheet music into to make it a tab. If there is can somone give me a link?
guitar pro
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Tab and sheet music are two different things man. Sheet music tells you what to play and tab tells you how to play it. I suggest you figure out the notes yourself (with your ear, or with the sheet music. Either one is very good for your understanding of music) and play it how YOU want to play it, not how some bedroom guitarist thinks it should be.

EDIT: And yea, guitar pro can be written in both sheet music and tab, but you cant give it a PDF file and have it make a tab for you. Even if you could it would have no idea how you want to play it.
guitar pro. you have to buy it............. or pirate it shhhhhhh

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the thing is I know how to play music with the treble cleftand im doing guitar for the band this year but my teacher handed me sheet music with a bass cleft