Anyone heard the new cd? I didn't even know they had one coming out this soon but I saw Circa Survive post a bulletin about it. It came out today but I'm in class so I can't get it yet.


That totally went under my radar.

Im now vaguely interested to see how it sounds.
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its out? i thought their cd release show wasnt for a couple weeks?
im gonna dl it and see if its as ****ty as found in the flood or w/e

I'm only on the third song but it seems to be better. It's noisier thats for sure.
does is compare to pass the flask at all?

It would lean more towards that than towards Found In The Flood, so far at least. Again I'm only on the fourth song but I have liked what I have heard. It's not amazing or anything to me right now but I like it.
hmm i got a couple tracks completed dling, im digging it actually. seems more southern influenced to me, i like it.

edit: **** me, the release show was tonight, now im pissed.
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cant be worse than found in the flood. that record was pretty much the definition of average. the artwork was better than the material.