Ok, i have a couple of questions
1 being about ebay, how can i insure that i wont get ripped off, ect.
Whats some of the biggest ways to prevent scams?
ect on ebay stuff

On DSL 401
Any known problems?
What does it do best?
Are the cleans any good?
Any info would help.

Since i dont want to make a new thread...
What could be some other amps that i could get used (combos) for around the 700 price range? For classic rock, blues, and a LITTLE (Very little) amount of metal. Id like it to have pretty descent cleans
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Use Paypal only

No knowing probling in newer models.

Best suited to modern rock, 80's thrash.

Decent cleans, with the righ eq.

Good amp over all for the price!
Re: ebay
As stated above, I'd also recommend paying only w/ Paypal. I'd recommend not using anyone w/ less than 20 or so positive feedbacks (& zero negative), & read their feedback. If they've bought 20 things on ebay, & this is their first sale, I'd also be a bit leery. I'm very careful using ebay for big ticket items, because I know 2 friends who got burned (but they didn't follow this advice). I've bought 2 very expensive amps on ebay with no problems at all. Just be patient, & communicate w/ the seller. Good deals come along all the time.
Never use a wire transfer to pay for items.
If a deal seems too good to be true, most likely it is.
Good luck!!
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like to add one thing. Use paypal, but use a credit card to pay if it's a big item. Most have fraud protection, and they are much easier to deal with than paypal.
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I bought a DSL 401 from Ebay. The thing is, you can't be sure if it's in 100% working order.

I've had it a year, but barely used it. I took it to the shop and the tubes were busted.

I didn't know any better when it arrived, so I'm hoping that when I pick it up this Saturday from guitar shop that it sounds awesome!

Like the other people said, just look for rep, use paypal, and communicate.
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