Look here's the deal,
no immature shit about this,
I know it's the pit,
but have some respect for this thread at least.

One of my best freinds had his dad pass away about two days ago,
completley unexpected, random heart attack.

Since he died in September,
and the song is just so perfect for so many reasons,

Im getting a bunch of guys together to play
"Wake Me Up When September Ends" for him and his family,
and most of all for his dad, who passed away.

I want to know what you guys think we would need to make this the best
live cover of this song possible,
(we want to play it better than greenday does, which isnt saying much).

It's the least the family deserves.
sorry to hear about that

i really don't think much good can be done with that song though...it's just...meh
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