Yes, I've been afraid to say I don't like it for fear of being flamed or physically damaged (Halo fans are persistent sons (and daughters) of bitches). Just a note, don't expect this thread to stay open long.
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never played it yet.. looks good.
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Ive played halo 3, and i nearly pissed myself laughing at microsofts biggest phail ever.
Here is a direct quote from a gaming forum.
" got halo 3 day it came out just to see and i love the campaign but not multiplayer heres my dissapointments

halo 3 single player

- jump and press b alot see what happens you either freeze in the air or look like your studdering? put an object in a set course of a pass for an ai player? theyll run into it and keep running into it till you kill them or push them.

- um marines just climbinb up ontop of boxes for no reason thast incredibly bad AI im sorry

- the cutscenes? the in engined cut scenes where SO BAD i just about puked seeing commander keys in there forrest bunker? in the op room? look at her hair ITS THE CRAPPIEST GRAPHICS I HAVE EVER YET SEEN ON A HALO cut scene it was ridiculously bad. the story sucked the play out of the story was worse the ending was uncalled for and illigitimate for the gameplayer its retarded

- the brutes weren't made better? are u kidding me they got some fancy armor and all they did to them was make an elite look like them and pop them in the game just like before on halo 2 and 1 they were to weak to abundant and ridiculously gay.

- i played on legendary with 4 friends beat it no problem

- i played by myself on legendary almost done with barely any effort and im not even a big halo player at all ok? thats saying ALOT legendary on halo 1 was ridiculously HARD halo 2 was hard halo 3 easy

- and the reason behind this game makers now think its ok to make games crappy for xbox on the start because they can put out updates? to increase there game's potential? halo 3 was pretty in some parts gay in most of everything

- the funniest part of all THE SCARAB FIGHT

- um massive tank with like 3 turrets on it? when there should be like 15 auto turrets 3 main turrets a couple wraith blue ball of doom guns and then the main gun? it is a moving fortress after all? it was so easy on legendary i just about peed my pants laughing. multiplayer is good therse pretty much absolutely nothing at all differen't from the beta at all and im serious and im a beta tester a private not public just to let you know and thats just i mean all that hype all that publicity and alot of my friends that loved halo series and were looking forward to this just about broke the cd when they played the campaign becuase it was that bad and that easy,

- THE AI IS HORRIBLE i remember on 2 if you stepped your ass out of cover for 3 second son legendary you were dead elites would pop you 100 yards away with there plasma rifle and carbine, in this game they dont even start firing at you till your in close proximity to them? i picked up atleast 10 brutes in one area just by staying back with my carbine? its so stupid youd THINK theyd rush YOUD THINK theyd fire back but they dont? and whats this thing they had where the brute leader orders all there brutes around and tells them what to do? I NEVER ENCOUNTERED THAT IN THE CAMPAIGN AT ALL it was a lie? the coolest thing i saw was when a grunt ran after me with two active plasma grenades in his hand that was funny as fuh i loved it thats the best thing i have seen so far in halo 3

call of duty 4, mass effect, army of two, assasins creed, will own this game for overal quality and people will keep these games people will start selling there halo 3's in a couple months sorry but bungie did horrible

oh my god that last message at the end of the game? when i read that i was like? you have halo thats it that message was so conceeded so stuck up it inferiated me it made me so angry my brother loves halo and when me and him beat together last night? with our friends? we both looked at eachother like are you kidding me? its stupid i am done i am done with all bungie"
Don't hate it, but I do think it is mediocre and meh.
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I don't like the story mode, but the multiplayer battles are gold
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