I was reading music and came across an Fmi9th, what does the mi mean? And how would I play it.
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wouldnt it be minor?
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"m" is the abbreviation for minor though. I thought it might be too but it just wouldn't make sense.
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f min 9th

Basically, F min with the 2nd of the scale

EDIT: F min with the 2nd and a b7...sorry
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yeah its just some idiot who writes minor chords like that.
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Ok thanks guys I guess your right it is minor.
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Sometimes it's written mi and not m for clarity. Sometimes the m's get confused on a handwritten score.
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not to keep this thread alive.....

but if you think about it, mi is the easiest way to specify, ie ma or mi.

ive seen that quite a lot on hand written stuff, Gmi7 Gma7

if you just wrote an m(M) SOME people may be confused i guess, especially in lesser classically trained circles