Okay, so i was at my local music store, Clarizios music, andi was looking at the guitars, and saw something wierd. The label of "Jay Turner"On what looked like a gibson les paul. Essentiallly theyre the same thing as the guitars they copy (Les paul, SG, strat standard and HSS). So i was wondering, are thes guitars good quality? Has anybody here ever used one?
Don't buy one they arent that great. My friend bought one of there basses and all the electronics in it gave out after about a month.
Yeah you mean Jay Tursor, they are okay, pretty cheap, my girlfriend had one for her first guitar and it held up well for almost 2 years. However, it's not hard to save and get something nicer.
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Well, with that wierd cursive it looked like turner not turser, but whatever.
the jay tursers are ok i played my friends "les paul" which was rather old and worn out.(it had been dropped) and the highlights of it were the neck and the weight. the neck is really pretty nice and its pretty fast feeling. the thing weighs no more than 4 lbs. its real light and well balanced but its still only at the most a practice guitar. its good for about 200-300$. overall good for the money but you're not paying much so...see the connection?