If anybody could offer any bit of advice on this, it would be great.

I have an Alvarez PD85 Acoustic Electric, and I just got an amp for it, a Kustom I believe, and when I play near it or turn the volume up at all, the feedback gets so atrociously loud you almost have to shut it off lest you blow a speaker or something. It even forms this horrid humming/rumbling noise when i'm not even playing sometimes, and it gets absurdly loud.

Any way at all to correct this problem? Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance!
a solid body electric guitar should help.. i did the same with an acoustic when i put it on distortion.. a noise gate could help.. Wait, do you play it on clean or distortion?
I don't play it on distortion, I use more of a mixer as opposed to an amp, so it's not capable of distortion
Grab yourself a soundhole cover. There just a cheap rubber thingy that fits in your soundhole. Should help you cut down on the feedback.
Also just make sure you have a bit of distance between yourself and the amp, dont just stand in front of it.

I have also heard that if your looking to get a little distortion you can get more distortion without feedback if you stuff the inside of the guitar with newspaper, dunno if it works, but apparently for distortion its better than just using a soundhole cover