Hey guys. I live in Medway MA and it is impossible to find people to jam with, so I'm writing an open invitation to any one who likes the way this sounds:

Musicans needed: I play guitar and mandolin and a tiny bit of violin, but mostly guitar, so a guitarist isn't really needed, but rythem & lead stuff can be fun.

Bassist and drummer definately need; you can't progress with out a strong/funky rythem section

Keyboardist would be greatly appretiated, and I'd prefer that a 2nd guitarist

No singers, I can do that, and if another musician wants to share duties (ha, duties) that would be great. EXCEPTION: Girls with pretty voices are always welcome.

Music played: I envision this band going in one of directions (or a combo) depending on YOUR tastes (I'm a fan of democracy)

Style One: Very Phish-esq sound. Long solos (from everyone) silly lyrics (if any at all) wierd chords, TONS of IMPROV, lots of covers, more improv, another solo, and tons of fun

Style Two: Straight up indie/alternative rock type deal, very loose, lots of simple originals, solo every now and then, and lots of fun

Influences: Phish, Dave Matthews Band, Radiohead, The Shins, Wilco, String Cheese Incident, My Moring Jacket, Andrew Bird, Talking Heads (why not?) Grateful Dead, Perpetual Groove, and stuff like that.

I'm in high school so, any thing around there is cool

If ANY of this sounds at all interesting, or you know a buddy who would, please leave a post or e-mail me at fiddle42@comast.net. If you think I'm atool please leave your comments to yourself.

Hope to hear from you
Fuck me, I wish I lived closer to you. Between the jam bands and the indie rock, thats pretty much my taste to a perfect tee.

I can never find anyone around here either.
Sucks balls dude, kinda hard to commute to Minnesota, we coulda jammed liked Trey.
i live an hour away in new bedford. that sucks
i need to hear some sounds that recognize the pain in me, yeah.
Well, we're getting closer. New Bedford would be kind of a hike.
BY THE WAY... every one keep posting in this thread. That way it will always be near the top so more people will take a peak and eventually Ill meet someone closer, OR this could just kinda morph into a jam/indie thread, which I think would be cool.
id play for free beer
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