its actually quite an upbeat song when you hear it.

Emotions are the monsters
that lived beneath my bed
I used to think that they were
More than voices in my head
I understand when I look back
That reason left me then
And fear displaced the thought I lacked
Until I woke again

And it always gets the better of me.

Emotion is a deep blue sea
That swallows all my thought
It drags me down and crushes me
With pressures you know not
The more I wish that I could float
The more I gasp for air
The water flowing down my throat
Tastes like black despair

And it always takes control

Emotion is a changing flame
That boils up my mind
The rage it always feels the same
And reason's left behind
It always cools off it seems
but the trouble is because
evaporation takes the things
from where the water was

And it always makes a fool of me
It tarnishes my soul
Quote by esther_mouse
...bingo. signaturisation. like burnination, only even more flamey.

Worth listening to
Two things before I say anything.
First, I'm not into funk, so my opinions or suggestions aren't worth crap.
Second, I do a lot better with poems due to the fact a song can have melodies etc...

But that was cool. I liked it a lot...I sang it fast (in my mind) and it flowed brilliantly. Nice job.