Poll: Which fall premiere are you/were you most pumped about?
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View poll results: Which fall premiere are you/were you most pumped about?
0 0%
1 7%
0 0%
CSI: Miami
0 0%
4 29%
Simpsons/Family Guy/King of the Hill
3 21%
Grey's Anatomy
0 0%
The Office
4 29%
0 0%
2 14%
Voters: 14.
This week seems to be the prime time for fall TV season premiers...Simpsons and Family guy on sunday, Heroes last night, Bones and House tonight, CSI thursday...

which one is everyone most looking forward to?
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I love the Simpsons, even though they're growing a bit stale in their plot ideas. And after attending a boring birthday party where the only amusement was watching House for 2 1/2 hours, I'm now looking forward to that too.
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None of those, I'm looking forward to the new South Park episodes coming out starting next week on Wednesday at 10 P.M.
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The premier of Cavemen on CBS or ABC or one of those three letter acronym channels...

they made a show about the Geico cavemen.
Charlie Brown Thanksgiving/Halloween
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House, Heroes, The Office, Scrubs, My Name Is Earl, and the new show Reaper looks pretty sweet.

Yaaay TV.
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Charlie Brown Thanksgiving/Halloween

Christmas special blows those two out of the water.
the only shows i really watch are Heroes Scrubs and the Office