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11 21%
Voters: 52.
Ok so me and my friend got in an argument, She says that damn is considered a bad/Curse word like "fuck", I say it is just a rude word, like hell. So what does the Pit think?

Damn=Curse Word,
Damn=Rude word.

(seeing as it is not censored in "*" I'm pretty sure its a Rude word.)
Damn=not offensive in any way
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Curse word. It's got something to do with the devil and hell.

If you damn somebody you are effectively wishing them to hell.

So obviously in times where religion was more strictly followed it was a very very very bad word.
i think it's relative to how much of a pussy the person hearing it is.
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In actuality, in the bible it's not really even a rude word. It's used more as a synonym for "smite".

I guess since people usually follow up god before damnit, it's been acclaimed as not so good of a word since it's using god's name in vain.

*awaits the ignorance of the pit against religion*
lul I'm the only one who voted curse.
But in the ranking of worst to least baddest... words, I'd say it's the least offensive curse of them all.
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lul I'm the only one who voted curse.
But in the ranking of worst to least baddest... words, I'd say it's the least offensive curse of them all.

No i did too...It's considered a swear but I don't think it is equal to the f word...

But neither is bitch considered as bad as fuck
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i think it's relative to how much of a pussy the person hearing it is.


i dont understand what makes one word better or worse than the next.
it is a curse, but in todays society its not a bad word, if you damn someone to hell, you are cursing them to hell. That's what my teacher told me, and she is very religious and says she prefers other four letter words.
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jesus christ this thread is bollocks

Okay, so if you don't like it don't post.

Personally I think it's just a rude word. It depends on the person hearing it and if they're religious or not.
Shit. I clicked 'curse' when I meant rude.
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damn is totally not a bad word, just like damnation isn't
and it's in the bible...you won't find "****" in the bible, right?

so it's rude at most if you use it in a certain way, such as damn you
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I believe there should be a hierarchy of curse words, starting with most offensive to least:


starting to get into words that are sometimes considered rude, and sometimes not:
(dumb) (smart) ass (hole) (wipe)
other words referring to the genitals or breasts
I've heard a few people say crap is a rude word....

that should cover most of em... I can't think of any more right now

anyway that's my view, and damn is pretty low on the list. I'd avoid using it around some people.
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niether? its mentioned in the bible ffs im pretty sure. just like hell is. fuck and the really bad cuss words are not usuallly used in their original context, which makes them bad or rude. not that thats ever stopped me
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nowadays, in the states, most swear words are normally sexual... shows how stupid our country is about sex huh....
I find it absolutely hilarious when American TV censors "damn" or "hell". It's not remotely rude and not one person I know, or have ever known, would take offence to it. I know several quite pious Christians who you would expect to pick up on it, who don't. I grew up among Methodist Christians, and nobody here would take you seriously if you got offended by that.
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