i got i just got my flying v a few days ago and it has MAJORRRR feedback on the amp and idk how to get it to not have as much... its crazy..i go to play a song and i get feedback+ the notes im playing..so far heres my settings for it

Chan Vol=5

My sound effects are off and the sound setting i usually play on is usually metal or insane...

can someone please help??

o and my guitar settings are

both picks ups are on..and my tone is all the way up..same with my volume..help please

This is a Gibson V? The usual. Stay out from in front of the amp, turn the gain down. If its a copy the pickups may be the problem. May not be wax-potted, shielded properly or could be microphonic.
You're playing through a Spider? That may be problematic also. The pickups on the V are 498R and 500T (high output ceramic.) That 500 may be the deal breaker for the Spider.
Sorry if my assumptions are false.
no its not a gibson is a Fernandes flying v?idk..lol but uhmm my pickups are sustainer..came with the guitar..ty for the info