Should i get a Squier Affinity Series Stratocaster or a Sx Scorpion...????
Both in my price range and oh i am a beginner. I also needa kno if a Peavey Audition amp is good for it?
The amp would be great. Very tubey sounding (a good thing) and plenty of distortion. Very durable. I haven't played either guitar.
im pretty solid on gettin the amp but now i need opinions on the guitar.
both reviews are good but no1 i talk to has heard of a SX Scorpion guitar. Does that mean anything??
i'd say anything as long as its cheap, as your tastes will most likely change if you get more experienced, so don't be afraid to stay cheap.
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range is prolly from $100-$150...lol.
Mostly Rock so im goin with electric.
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range is prolly from $100-$150...lol.
Mostly Rock so im goin with electric.

hahahah electric..
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lol oh yea im a beginner so w/e.
if i dont get something thats why.