DynaGain65R VS, BLues Deluxe


I have a Squier affinity , and a Highway One Texas Tele, I allready have a DynaGain65R but I'm considering selling it for a Blues Deluxe. I would like some advice on my decision from other guitarists. I aplay with effect pedals, like phasers, delay and such. Music wise I play late 60's/early 70's, and 90's rock. I like to play a few modern rock such as the ARctic Monkeys, Billy Talent, and The Killers

I had to look your amp up. I've never played it, but I'm pretty confident that you'll prefer the Blues Deluxe. Real tube amp beats a hybrid every time, IMHO. For the styles of music you're after, it should be a great fit. Phasers and delays sound great with tubes, don't worry about that. I'd just suggest that you minimalize the digital effects if you can.
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A Blues Deluxe would be a huge step up. However, it is very low gain, so you may need an od/booster pedal. Still not really a problem IMO.

Lovely amp - I'd strongly reccomend it. I really don't see why anyone buys the hotrod, apart from the fact that it's branded as having more gain, which it does, although it doesn't sound great at all. The Blues Deluxe also has nicer cleans and Reverb in my opinion.
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