So I'm going to the Van Halen concert this Saturday. I've been a fan for a few years. I have pretty bad seats for the show. I'm cool with that because just being there will be amazing.

But the other day a girl I know came up to me and asked "Hey you like music, whos Van Halen??????!!!!!11111????////////" After laughing I said

"Oh just some band. Why?"
She said "Well my dad got like front row tickets from his job and I'm going and I wanna make sure its not some emo band!"

Why does that happen? I LOVE Van Halen and get tickets in the last row back corner. And the people who are going because "it will be just super fun (as she said)" get front row to something I would kill a man for.

man sometimes life deals you a bad hand you just gotta play it out

"sometimes your the bug, sometimes your the windshield"
ask her if she wants to go together since you're both going and then try and sneak to the front with her...

it's worth a shot
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Steal her identity and then snag the front row seats
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No one cares

Wait a few minutes, you'll be contradicted by at least 10 UGr's. :P

Anyways, yeah, I totally know what you're talking about, man.
Maybe you should get a dad who gets front row Van Halen tickets from his job. Obviously...
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Maybe you should get a dad who gets front row Van Halen tickets from his job. Obviously...


I second that.

..Uh.. or first it...
its so weird. i was walking through the halss at my school and i heard some girl ask the same question the other day. i didnt even turn around because if i did i woulda punched her.
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I agree with Metal Claw. I'm sure your not alone. And when you see her again and she starts bitchin cause she didn't like the concert you can politely reach out to her...neck and choke the life out of the ungrateful little snot!
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ask her if she wants to go together since you're both going and then try and sneak to the front with her...

it's worth a shot


Also, that really does suck man.. I'm a poor guy too.. I just say it adds character

The same thing happened to me all last year
This rich chick sat next to me in a class and I'd come in wearing mostly band shirts. So I'm wearing A Police shirt and she's like "That band sounds really familiar" and I just ignore her like i usually tried to. the she goes" I think I've got tickets to see them at dodgers stadium with front row seats and I spent a month trying to get tickets. She said she didn't even listen to them. She also has year round box seats at the Hollywood bowl. I asked her if I could by roger waters tickets and she was just like"I don't know" and never tells me. She always had tickets to everything and had horrible taste in music.
id go with the "go with her and sneak in" idea.

who knows, if she's hot maybe you and her can hook up too ?! wouldn't that be nice?

go see Van Halen which im assuming is one of your favorites,
and get with a hot dumbass chick ^_^

sounds pretty radical to me brah.

note:dont use the word radical unless your a 90s kid. ^_^
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Dude, we all are. This is a site of musicians.

Haha, true enough

Breadliners FTW!
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No one cares

dude you are seriously pissing me off, every post that you do is saying that "you don't care", or just something negative about the ts or the thread.

IF you don't care why the heck do you open then thread and write something on it, is it because you think that you will get a bigger number of pots when posting in the pit?
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Ok, here's what you do...

talk to her again:

You: Hey, baby... *eye brows thing*
Her: please take my front row Van Halen tickets. and then make love to me!

Fool proof.
Dude, good things happen to bad people.
thats always true
A drumer is needed!!

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You should have said that they ARE emo. Then offer $30 for the tickets
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