about how much is one in pretty good condition worth and how do they sound? i checked the reviews but i didnt realyy get anything. ive been thinking about getting a new guitar, and ive been thinking about a destroyer or a King V mainly.. but im not really sure.
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they're solid mahogany, and i hear the pups are pretty good
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yeah i finally found some audio clips on a couple sites just now..

im leaning a little more towards the destroyer.. but i still have about 200 dollars left to get before i have to decide lol.

but i dont know.. i really like the king v's too..
I'd get a destroyer before a King V any day.

That massive body is just begging for huge tones.
okay i just looked at one today that a guy said was a DT200, but it was cherry red. dont those only come in like.. wood colored?